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Owl Slot in Book Bank Safe Banks ShareCropper Still Bank I Love A Copper Still Bank Pirate Still Bank, One of Two Known, 3W, 3-3/4T $6250 REB J4707
Porky Pig Still Bank, 2-1/4W, 5-3/4T $235 MILK J4756 Key Still Bank, 2-1/4H, 5-3/4L $375 MILK J4757 Elephant on Wheels Still Bank, 4L, 4H $375 MILK J4753 Two-Faced Devil Still Bank, 4W, 4-1/4T $465 MILK J4758
Elephant Still Bank, 6-1/2L, 5H $65 MILK J4759
Baseball Player Still Bank, 5-3/4T, 2-1/4W $275 MILK J4760
Minuteman Still Bank, 6-1/4T, 2-1/2W $475 MILK J4761 Indian Brave Still Bank, 6T, 2-1/4W $695 MILK J4762
Gold Cow Still Bank, 5-1/2L, 3-1/4H MILK J4763 Buster Brown Good Luck Still Bank, 4T, 4-1/4W $295 MILK J4764
State Still Banks Cast Iron Lion Bank Begging Bear Still Bank
General Butler Bank, 6-1/2T, 4-1/2Deep $3250 F7 J3482 Sailor Bank, 5-1/2T 2-1/2W HB $300 B1529 Doughboy Bank, 7T 2-1/2W HB $500 B1527 Brass Laisse Building Bank, 3W, 5T $350 C4 J3024 Box Camera Bank, 4-1/4H, 4-1/4W $3000 MOE J3259 Mosque Still Bank, 9T 6W REB $2000 B3122
Moores Policeman Still Bank, 5-1/2T, 2-1/4W $1200 G4 J3611 Villa Building Still Bank, 5-1/2H, 5W $850 G4 J3612 Bird Pottery Whistle Still Bank, 5H, 6L $600 G4 J2697 B1901 Cast Iron Building Bank $125 DCC B1902 Six Sided Building Bank $250 DCC
Fort Mount Hope Cast Iron Bank, 2-3/4W, 2-3/4H $700 C4 J4115 Hubley Fido on Pillow, 7-1/4W, 5-1/4H $250 REB J4140 Transvaal Money Box, Made in England, 6-1/2T 4-1/2W M4 MX1001 $1850 A11 B3190 Do I Hear A Call Bank, 7-1/2W 5T M4 MX102 $350 B3192
Cast Iron Still Bank, 4T, 2W MOE J4175 Porcelain Still Bank, 3-1/4T, 2-1/2Deep MOE J4176 Still Bank, 6-1/2T 4W B3253 3-1/2T 2-1/2W B3243 4-1/2T 4-1/2T B3244
Kaiser Rex Cabin Still Bank, 2-3/4W, 2-3/4H $375 MOE J3994 4T 3W B3245 Stove Bank Atlantic by Art Works, 3W, 5-1/4H $198 E16 J4465 Scotsman Bank with Nodder, 8H, 3-3/4W $300 M4 J4151 Independence Hall, 4W, 9-1/2T $500 MOE J3993
Apple Bank, 5W 2T MOE B3146 House Still Bank, 3T 2-1/2W $60 JAN B3304 Savings Bank, 6-1/2T 3W $420 JAH B5033

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