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Mammey Mechanical Bank, 8T 4W REB $13500 B1512 The Young Nigger Bank, 4-1/2T $250 JAH H1468 J1470
Mammy With Spoon, 8T 3-1/2W $9500 G13 B1642 Chad Valley Mechanical Tin Bank, 5H, 4-1/2Diam. $360 C4 J3680 Folk-Art Black Man Wooden Nodder Mechanical Bank, 8-1/2T 5W C4 $500 B1230 Uncle Tom Mechanical Bank $750 REB J3639
Mammy With Spoon Bank, 7T 4W SAS $9800 B3136 Long Sleeve Dinah Bank With Darker Hair, 4-1/2W 6-1/2H JAH $920 J4070 Pre-War Dinah Bank $780 JAH J4071 Yellow Dinah Bank, 6T 4-1/2W M4 $1450 B3147
Starkies Alloy Jolly Nigger with Yellow Hat, 5W 7H JAH $240 J4689 Cast Iron The Young Nigger with Blue Bow Tie, 3-1/2W 4-1/2T JAH $250 J4688 Aluminum Dinah Black Mechanical Bank, 4-3/4W 6-3/4T JAH $220 J4687 Cast Iron Little Joe Black Mechanical Bank, 4-1/2W 5-1/4T JAH $350 J4686
Little Moe with White Hat Mechanical Bank, 5W 5-3/4T J4685 Old Alloy Black Man Bank, Blue bow Tie, 5W 6H JAH $280 J4682 Mammy Mechanical Bank, 3-3/4W, 7-1/2H $6000 REB J4710