Antique Mechanical Bank Reference Guide

Because of our large inventory of Antique Mechanical Banks we are able to provide the collector with detailed pictures and information about individual banks. Nowhere on the internet are you able to fine a more Comprehensive listing with valuable information and photos. Antique Bank Collectors and enthusiasts be sure to bookmark this site. If you would like to contribute to our photo data base in order to share this collector information with others, please email us and we will note your contribution.


Name Manufacturer Year Reproduced    
Acrobat J. & E. Stevens Co. 1883 Y
Aeroplane Robert and Nellie Starkie 1919
Afghanistan Bank Kyser & Rex 1885
African Bank Unknown Unknown Y
Alice In Wonderland English 1909
Alligator Moving Jaw German 1930
Alligator In Trough (Blowpipe) James S. Fallows 1867
American Bank Unknown Unknown
Artillery Bank Helmeted Soldier Shepard Hardware Co. 1892
Artillery Bank Rectangular Trap Shepard Hardware Co. 1892
Artillery Bank Round Trap J. & E. Stevens Co. 1900-1932 Y
Atlas Bank Unknown Unknown
Automatic Coin Savings Bank Unknown 1890 Y
Baby Elephant Bank Patent Daniel Cooke Uncertain 1892
Baby Elephant Bank Unlocks at X O'Clock Charles A. Bailey 1880
Bad Accident J. & E. Stevens Co. 1888 Y
Bamboula French 1890's
Bank Teller J. & E. Stevens Co. 1876
Barking Dog on Base (Wood & Tin) National Company unknown
Barrel with Arms (Converted Still Bank) J. & E. Stevens Co. 1890

Battleship Maine

J. & E. Stevens Co. 1900
Bear And Beehive
Bear and Tree Stump Judd Manufacturing Co. 1870-1880
Bear Standing (chest slot) Kenton Hardware Co. After 1900 Y
Beehive Unknown 1892
Bill E.Grin J. & E. Stevens Co. 1915 Y
Billy Goat Bank J. & E. Stevens Co. 1910 Y
Bird On Roof J. & E. Stevens Co. 1878 Y
Bismark Bank J. & E. Stevens Co. 1883-84 Y
Black Joe Bank G. L. Webster 1932-34
Bowing Man in Cupola J. & E. Stevens Co. 1880's
Bowling Alley Four
Bowling Alley
Boy and Bull Dog H. L. Judd Co. 1880's Y
Boy On Trapeze J. Barton Smith Co. 1888
Boy Robbing Bird's Nest J. & E. Stevens Co. 1906 Y
Boy Scout Camp J. & E. Stevens Co. 1912-17 Y
Boy Stealing Watermelons Kyser & Rex 1885-95 Y
Bread Winners Bank J. & E. Stevens Co. 1886
Bucking Mule H. L. Judd Co. 1884-88 Y
Buffalo (Converted from Cast Iron) Unknown 1930's
Buffalo Semi Mechanical Unknown 1930's
Bull (Ox) Unknown 1930's
Bull And Bear Bank (Single Pendulum) Lead and Iron J. & E. Stevens Co. 1930's
Bull And The Bear (Double Pendulum) Brass & Cast Iron J. & E. Stevens Co. 1930's
Bull Dog Bank J. & E. Stevens Co. 1880 Y
Bull Dog Savings Bank Blakeslee & Co. 1878
Bull Dog Standing H. L. Judd Co. 1887 Y
Butting Buffalo Kyser & Rex 1888 Y
Butting Goat H. L. Judd Co. 1887
Bucking Goat
Butting Ram Wagner & Zwiebel Machine Shop and Foundry 1895
Bull Tosses Boy


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Some Pictures From Penny Lane Antique Mechanical Toy Bank Reference Book, By Al Davidson. Special Thanks to Debra Davidson for allowing us to publish the photos and make information about banks more available for all collectors.